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No need to Defrost, just need to Reheat



Uncle Jimmy - Thai Style Hainanese Chicken with Thai Sauce

Our chicken products have no additional growth hormone, allowing chickens to grow healthily. Thai Hainan Chicken has had different kinds of International Food Safety Certifications including GMP production quality management standards and HACCP food safety key control, which provides high-quality chicken and lets customers eat with confidence.


Thai Hainanese Chicken Sauce is fresh, sour, spicy taste, and definitely an appetizing choice for all of you. After dipping the sauce with chicken, it makes you just like you were in Thailand. The hot and sour sauce is fresh. The spiciness is slightly spicy, I believe everyone will accept it! If it is not spicy enough for you, just add the lemon juice and the chili to add spicily, and the sweetness, spiciness, etc. You can make a unique sauce that fits your own tastes.

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